Raw 'Pasta' & Sauce

gluten free & vegan


When I lived in Orlando, I frequented a restaurant called Cafe 140, a place that only created raw fruit & vegetable dishes. "Raw" eating is considered eating all fruits & vegetables that are only cooked up to the temperature of 140 degrees. Every time I went I had unbelievably delicious food. 


This dish is so simple! It only requires a few ingredients, and if you don't have, or cannot get your hands on a spiralizer (found at Amazon) or if you can manage to find one, at Home Goods, you can easily use a julienne peeler. You can trick yourself (or better yet, your children) into eating their veggies with this easy dish! When you eat it, you would honestly never even know it's pasta! 


Serves 1



1. Using the spiralizer, set vegetable onto the crank & turn until all of the vegetable has been completely sliced into 'pasta'. 1 zucchini (pictured below) will make one plate of pasta! 

2. Slice tomatoes and place onto top of the pasta.

3. Mix olive oil, oregano, basil, parsley (or spices of your choice) in a small bowl. 

4. Drizzle on top of the pasta & devour! 


Nutritional Information (with 1 zucchini & 1 tomato):  

Calories:  193  Fiber: 6g  Sugar: 6g 




What did you think of this recipe? 

Any suggestions or changes? 

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