One Pot Vegan Chili

gluten free, vegan

Okay, winter is upon us. I've been in total denial, but yesterday I actually had to get out my down jacket. It was 16 degrees outside.​ I'm just not ready. Please give me a few more weeks of warmer weather! Are you a winter person? What is your favorite thing about winter? 


This chili will fills your house with delicious smells and tastes just as good. Best of all, you throw everything in the slow cooker and you are done. Simple as that. Doesn't get any better!! That's my favorite kind of dinner to make! The great thing about it, too, is that you can really substitute any bean that you have in your pantry. 


Serves 6




1. Put all ingredients in the crock pot/slow cooker on high for 2 hours.

2. Change heat to low for 2-4 hours or until ready to serve!

optional: top with green onions

3. Enjoy!


Nutritional Information: Calories: 264  Fiber: 14g   Sugar: 14g



suggestions or comments? 

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